Team 60 is the team to beat. Thats all there is to it! I loved my team and I think we created something beautiful and new.

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How this came together in two days is beyond me!?

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“How long will it take?…now multiply it by 3”

After all the wonderful encouragement from Matt on my own projects (him telling me I would never finish anything on time) I got to watch him struggle with the time situation. Photoshop is an incredible tool but making an image perfect can really take up many hours of the day. I sat and watched…and watched…and watched as the images slowly came to life with everyone making slight suggestions and alterations to create our master design. ImageImage

Somehow they working simultaneously and helping each other, adding to Paul’s initial image and getting work done. It was awesome to watch. Our design process really captured team dynamic and input in a way that resulted in a design we all feel strongly about.

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So what’s a write up?

Once our team delegated “the photoshopers”, “the drafter”, “the writer”, and “the photographer” I was able to learn a few intricacies that could help me down the road. It was interesting to see how everyone understood the vision so well. Everyones perception of the space was so merged together we didn’t even have to do much consulting while we worked. 

The one part of the project I found most unexciting/difficult was the job of writing the write-up. Rebecca was happy with the job so I was eager to read what she came up with. I found it interesting how she organized and presented our concept in written form. She wrote,”The students, who before were observing as they passed through or entered the building, are now the observed.” Our goal is to turn this path into a destination and we are well on our way!

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Standing, Sitting, and Staring

This contest is interesting really, it consists of a great deal of standing, sitting, staring at the same few walls. Then suddenly someone thinks their idea is worthy of sharing. They share, the others nod, then we all assume the contemplative position until another idea sparks.

As strange as this team dynamic seems, I have begun to realize how effective it truly is. We may not shoot out hundreds of ideas but each little idea triggers another idea in a teammates head until soon, very soon, we had a complete vision.

Each little idea becomes a quick sketch, which then allows a little bit more visualization and soon we have a complete image in our head.

Like I said, Paul draws…and draws…and draws

Finally, it was time to take these ideas and truly create something magical. And for me to be in for a crazy fast crash course in everything architecture.

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Once we gathered, our first order of business was to see the space. We wanted to put ourselves into the space and ask “What does it need?”. There is so much potential for the space it just needs to be focused. The building has so much influence in the flow of traffic outside of the building but is not really hurting or enhancing the passer-by’s experience.

We began to ask “what is it accomplishing now?” then moved towards what we wanted to accomplish. As it is now, there are a few positives. The walkway creates a beautiful frame for the view of the walkway through the trees which opens up to the mountains (the lovely picture).


While simultaneously posing as a beautiful transition/entrance to the pedestrian walkway from Volunteer Blvd. We concluded that our main goal is to change the focus from this view to the building. We also asked questions like “who is our audience?” “what interaction do we want to happen?”  an “how can we pull people in that would otherwise keep walking?”

After much interaction and many ideas both good and bad (a foam pit may have been suggested) we posed our solution:


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And we’re off!

Here we go…the MAX_minimum Design Competition is under way. 

Meet the Team: 

Rebecca Shew: 5th year student. I can tell she is brilliant she just doesn’t like it to be known

Paul Attea: the 4th year student with so many ideas. He draws and draws and draws!

Matthew Barnett: my awesome 3rd year mentor. He may not look the part but has a whole lot to offer.

Caroline Sneed:the graduate student with an undergraduate degree in civil engineering (still slightly new to Architecture) 

 All while I, Austen Barrett, first year architecture student sit on the sidelines watching all these brilliant and far more experienced minds get to work.

The assignment: PERFORMANCE SPEC

We are to re-develop a primary entrance to the Art and Architecture building in order to draw people in and engage them in the building’s atmosphere. 


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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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